Citibank Customer Service, N.A. is the main banking subsidiary of Citigroup, a multinational financial services corporation. Established in 1812 as the City Bank of New York,

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Citibank customer service


It later became the First National City Bank of New York. The bank has 2,649 branches in 19 countries, including 723 in the US and 1,494 in Mexico through its subsidiary Banamex. The US branches are mostly located in six metropolitan areas: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Miami. Citibank is the fourth largest bank in the US in terms of assets. In 1967, the First National City Bank reorganized as a one-bank holding company, First National City Corporation, or “Citicorp” for short. The eight-letter wire code address of the City Bank of New York had been “Citibank” since the 1860s.

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The City Bank of New York was founded on June 16, 1812, with Samuel Osgood as its first president. After Osgood’s death in August 1813, William Few took over as President until 1817, followed by Peter Stagg (1817–1825), Thomas Smith (1825–1827), Isaac Wright (1827–1832), and Thomas Bloodgood. After the Panic of 1837, Moses Taylor gained control of the company. During Taylor’s time, the bank mostly served as a treasury and finance center for his extensive business empire. Later presidents included Gorham A. Worth (1843–1856), Moses Taylor himself (1856–1882), Taylor’s son-in-law Percy Rivington Pyne I, and James Stillman.

Citibank customer service

In 1974, the holding company formally adopted the name “Citicorp.” In 1976, First National City Bank was renamed “Citibank, N.A.” The name change helped avoid confusion in Ohio with Cleveland-based National City Corp. In addition, the bank launched Citicard in the 1980s, which allowed customers to perform all transactions without a passbook. Branches also had terminals with simple one-line displays that allowed customers to get basic account information without a bank teller.

Citibank has announced its plans to return to Dallas in 2022 with a new retail banking presence. In addition, the bank is set to occupy more than 9,000 square feet of space in the Berkshire Court building located at Preston and Northwest Highway. According to planning documents filed with the new office construction is slated to begin early next year. The planning documents describe the new Citibank office as an “experience center” and identify the operation as “retail bank/office space”. The new location will mark a significant retail banking presence for Citibank in the Dallas area, as it currently does not hold a substantial presence in this region.

Phone number to dial800-950-5114 (Credit card support )
Help desk hours24 hour, 7 days
What is the busiest time for help3:45 pm
Average turnaround time3
Rank amongst all ways to reach them3
Other means of communicationphone, Facebook, web, Twitter
Online fraud protection800-374-9700


How do I open a checking account with Citibank?

To open a checking account with Citibank, you can visit any of our branches or apply online through our website. You’ll need to provide identification and information such as your social security number and address.

What are the fees associated with Citibank accounts?

Fees vary depending on the type of account you have. Common fees include monthly maintenance fees, overdraft fees, and ATM fees. We also offer accounts with no monthly fees under certain conditions.

What are the interest rates on Citibank savings accounts?

Interest rates on savings accounts vary based on account type and current market conditions. You can find the most up-to-date rates on our website or by contacting a Citibank representative.

How can I report suspicious activity on my Citibank account?

If you notice any suspicious activity on your Citibank account, you should contact us immediately at our customer service number or visit a branch to speak with a representative. We take security concerns very seriously and will assist you in resolving any issues promptly.

Can I link my Citibank account to other financial institutions?

Yes, you can link your Citibank account to accounts at other financial institutions for easy transfers and transactions.

How can I apply for a Citibank credit card?

You can apply for a Citibank credit card online through our website or visit a branch to apply in person.


Your neighborhood may be put to rest while Citi Never Sleeps.

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Springfield, SC

Citibank customer service

Firstly, they had me provide details and proof of the reasons why I’m filing a dispute. Then, I sent in a paper with details and conversations that I had with the people regarding the bad business they did by lying and conning me into purchasing a product. To sum up, the long story short is that I provided proof from the dealership stating that something was seriously wrong with it. However, only to have Citibank tell me I have to contact the person I dealt with. Despite providing messages with me trying to talk to them, they’ll allow you to get scammed out of your money and won’t help you get it back.

Additionally, I called Citi to cancel my husband’s ATM card after he passed and they said they could only block the whole account, not the ATM card specifically. Since it is a joint account and I still need to receive paychecks in his name, the account is exposed to fraud risk. Moreover, knowing Citi, if a fraud instance occurs, they may try to contact him using his deceased cell number. Consequently, I hope someone at Citibank’s risk department sees this review so future widows don’t have to deal with this.




Las Vegas, NV

Citibank customer service

Despite some negative comments, I couldn’t be happier with the features, ease of use, and terms that Citibank provides. I have a checking, savings, and a Citi Double Cash credit card and after one simple phone call to their customer service over a year ago, they all operate flawlessly together. And, no, I’m not someone with a heavy financial portfolio. I’ve been down to zero dollars plenty of times in my checking account. However, depositing any check, from any number of banks my customers use has been 100% successful and the funds are available within seconds no matter what. Furthermore, now THAT can’t be said for any other bank.

There are many banks to choose from. However, save yourself time and effort and opt for any bank other than Citi. It is impossible to receive service from them despite their slogans about customer service and various pledges.

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Brooklyn, NY

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