Verizon Communications Inc. is a multinational conglomerate in the telecommunications industry. verizon customer service It is incorporated in Delaware and headquartered at 1095 Avenue of the Americas in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.


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Verizon customer service


Verizon is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and is the world’s second-largest telecommunications company by revenue. The company was formed in 1984 as Bell Atlantic as a result of the breakup of the Bell System into seven companies, each a Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) commonly referred to as “Baby Bells.” The company was originally headquartered in Philadelphia and operated in the states of New Jersey and Virginia. In 1997, Bell Atlantic merged with NYNEX to expand into New York and the New England states. The merged company moved its headquarters to NYNEX’s old headquarters in New York City.

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” use technology to build brighter futures for themselves, their families, and the world”

In 2000, Bell Atlantic acquired GTE, which operated telecommunications companies across most of the rest of the country not already in Bell Atlantic’s footprint. Bell Atlantic changed its name to Verizon, a portmanteau of veritas (Latin for “truth”) and horizon. Two months before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave final approval on the formation of Verizon Communications, Bell Atlantic formed Verizon Wireless in a joint venture with the British telecommunications company Vodafone in April 2000.

Verizon customer service

The company established Verizon Wireless as its own business operated by Bell Atlantic, which owned 55% of the venture. Vodafone retained 45% of the company. The deal was valued at approximately $70 billion and created a mobile carrier with 23 million customers. Verizon Wireless merged Bell Atlantic’s wireless network, Vodafone’s AirTouch and PrimeCo holdings, and the wireless division of GTE. Verizon became the largest local telephone company in the United States, operating 63 million telephone lines in 40 states.

The company also inherited 25 million mobile phone customers. Additionally, Verizon offered internet services and long-distance calling in New York before expanding long-distance operations to other states.

In 2002, Verizon launched a 3G service that doubled the internet speed of the time to 144 kb per second. In August 2002, Verizon began offering local, long-distance, and mobile calling, as well as internet service, in a bundle.

Phone number to dial800-567-6789
Call-back availableNo
Call center hours24 hour, 7 days
Longest hold timeWednesday
Alternate methodsPhone, Web
Online bill pay888-669-9901
Account verification877-462-5825
Best phone number800-837-4966


What types of phone plans does Verizon offer?

Verizon offers a range of phone plans, including unlimited data plans, shared data plans for families, prepaid plans, and special plans for seniors. Customers can choose the plan that best fits their needs and budget.

What is Verizon’s coverage like in my area?

Verizon has extensive coverage across the United States, but coverage quality can vary depending on your location. You can check Verizon’s coverage map online or contact customer service for more information specific to your area.

How can I upgrade my phone to Verizon?

Customers can upgrade their phones with Verizon by either purchasing a new device outright, enrolling in Verizon’s device payment plan, or taking advantage of special upgrade offers. Eligibility for upgrades may vary based on factors such as account status and payment history.

What is Verizon’s stance on data privacy and security?

Verizon takes data privacy and security seriously and has implemented measures to protect customer information. They comply with industry standards and regulations to safeguard personal data.

Does Verizon offer international roaming services?

Yes, Verizon offers international roaming services that allow customers to use their phones while traveling abroad. They offer various international plans and options for accessing voice, text, and data services outside the United States.

Can I bring my device to Verizon?

Yes, Verizon supports bringing your device (BYOD) for use with their network. As long as your device is compatible with Verizon’s network and unlocked, you should be able to use it with a Verizon SIM card.


“Unlocking Possibilities: The Verizon Experience”



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I have had Verizon for almost 7 years now. I have used over a dozen wireless carriers since I first started using cell phones in 1995 and Verizon has been the best carrier for me. Even when I used a lot of data before we had access to plans that offer “Premium” data, Verizon never once slowed my speeds down. I have never been to an area that had no Verizon coverage. There have been a few rural places here in Tennessee where I didn’t have data coverage but I could still make phone calls.

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My phone was having connectivity issues and it wasn’t clear as to what was causing it. The first guy I spoke with wasn’t all that helpful and mostly tried to sell me on other features rather than fixing the issue. The second customer rep, Laverne, was a night and day difference. She was personable, and patient, and repeatedly called back after the call dropped a few times. After some troubleshooting, she decided to overnight me a new phone.


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Been with Verizon customer service for many years and will not change to another carrier but Verizon needs to change how to contact them, calling for assistance and getting recorded messages: “I am your Verizon assistant ” is not what I want to hear Please have a live person available. Thank you

.Usually with a problem others offer to help, if possible. She handled everything everything (with 4 men sitting around doing nothing). She is very patient & knowledgeable and the best I ever met in the 25+ years of using Verizon services. I thank you.


Temecula CA

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